About Headwind

Headwind means Cycling. Nothing more, nothing less.

My name is Rafał, born in 1985.

I have been always riding a bike and loving it. Later I have trained in the club and I was always a fan of Cycling. When I was not riding, you could have seen me among the other Cycling Freaks during the Big Tours or smaller events for the amateurs.

Not a business, not a money, just Cycling.

It is all the same. On the road, track, MTB, CX- different names, same passion. This is how I see this. I have started the Headwind project because of my passion and love to the this sport. As a one of you, as a fan of this great Sport. I do hope to deliver a good quality Product with a Spirit of the Sport we all love. Headwind- For Cycling Freaks Only.