Dear Cycling Freaks,

Today officially Headwind stops to blow.

It is all over now, at least in that form. Maybe I will come back in the
future, maybe Headwind will become a Tailwind and the things will become
easier. So far, the future is totally unwritten and i can not predict

From the beginnig it did not go well, the current situation became only
nail to my coffin. Well. it is not the end of the world, life goes on,
there are many much bigger problems nowadays.

I would like to thank everybody who have supported me during that time.
My aunt who helped me at the start, my Agnieszka for her support, Piotr
for being my model and for all advices and support, Karolina my female
model, my Friends from Bike-Zone for help and advices, Bartek for being
my best client and for his support, Filip Prokopyszyn, and everybody who
I have missed on this list (sorry!).

Cheers and see you on the road soon (I hope!)

With cycling greetings,